Polyester Hydrolox® versus Hydro-entangled OEM Filter Bag

Bondex offers an alternative to the hydro-entangled polyester filter bag only available from the OEM

Bondex has launched Hydrolox®, which is a revolutionary filter media enabled by hydro-entangling technology. One leading dust collector OEM services the market with filter bags made from polyester hydro-entangled fabric which claims improved durability and life over standard needlefelt.

Bondex offers a specially designed 10 oz/yd2 polyester Hydrolox®, a hydro-entangled fabric engineered to offer filter bag manufacturers and end-users an alternative to the bag offered by the collector OEM. The Hydrolox® filtration fabric is available to many of the leading filter bag manufacturers and offers comparable performance to the existing OEM filter bag with an economic advantage.

from Bondex
Polyyester hydro0entangled
bad from leading
collector OEM
Fiber 1.5d Polyester 1.5d Polyester
Weight (oz/yd2) 10 10
Air Permeability (cfm) 33.5 30.5
Thickness (mil) 51 50
Mullens Burst (psi) 400 405
Tensile (MD lbf) 213 213
Tensile (CD lbf) 323 270
Elongation @ 11.24 lbf (%) 0.9 2.1
Heat Stability (% Shrinkage at 300 F) 1.0 0.5
VDI Test Data: (ASTM D6830-02)
Average Cycle Time [s] 185 174
Total Efficiency % 99.989 99.996

Interested in exploring how Hydrolox® could replace your polyester OEM bags? Please contact us at info@bondexinc.com to discuss how to work with your preferred filter bag supplier to produce bags made with Bondex Hydrolox® P0F100HU1H and execute a bag test in your application.

The property values listed in this specification are determined through statistical sampling from production campaigns and are subject to industry-wide tolerances. Typically, Bondex test protocol requires averaging at least ten representative measurements to produce a reported value, and the company reserves the right to make amendments to specifications without notice. Hydrolox® is a registered trademark of Bondex, Inc.