Bondex has a wide range of technical capabilities, and we invite you to innovate with us by utilizing these capabilities as tools to bring solutions to your application. Consider how we can align our capabilities with your needs and contact us to discuss further.

Hydro-entangled (Spunlace) Nonwovens

hydro-entangled spunlace nonwovens nonwovens Hydrolox
  • Ability to produce webs from PET, PP, PPS, m-aramid, polyimide (P84), p-aramid
  • High pressure hydro-entangling; ability to produce with splittable fibers and fine fibers
  • Equipped with cross-lapper and web drafter to control MD/CD balance
  • Basis Weight1.8 oz/yd2 to 17.7 oz/yd2, Maximum width 90″
  • Annual Capacity -2 million yards

ePTFE Lamination Service

ePTFE Lamination Bondex
  • Ability to laminate ePTFE membrane to needlefelt and Hydrolox® filter felt
  • Sourcing ePTFE membrane
  • Lamination to polyester, PPS, polypropylene, aramid and glass fabrics


calendering capability Bondex
  • High temperature calendering up to 400 C
  • Widths up to 90” wide, 40-ton nip pressure
  • Speeds up to 60 meters/min
  • Eight (8) embossing patterns available
  • Thickness profile control capability +/- 1 μm

Heat Setting & Chemical Treatment

Heat setting chemical treatment capability Bondex
  • Stentor frame process with temperature capability up to 320 C.
  • Chemical treatment capability with dip impregnation
  • Ability to apply functional treatment to felt or nonwoven webs such as hydrophobic, oleophobic, hydrophilic, etc.
  • Ability to cure functional treatments on fabric


singeing capability Bondex
  • Two-sided burner intended to singe both sides of fabric
  • Ability to impart surface roughness if desired
  • Ability to reduce risk of stray filaments separating from surface

Thermal Bond Nonwovens

Thermal Bond Nonwovens capability Bondex
  • Produced with virtually any synthetic thermoplastic fiber
  • Flat bond and Point Bond styles available
  • Basis weight range: 0.5 – 3.5 oz/yd2
  • Thickness: 0.6 -20 mil
  • Widths flexible up to 80″

Substrate Coating Capability

Bondex thermal bonded nonwovens hydrolox hydro-entangled nonwovens substrate costing capability
  • Coating with 1 m wide vertical coating tower
  • Ability to coat with polyester coatings on various substrates including woven glass
  • Urethane based coatings and epoxy coatings
  • B-stage epoxy and others

Laboratory Testing Services

lab testing capabilities filtration efficiency testing
  • Filtration Efficiency Testing (VDI test – ASTM D6830-02)
  • Air permeability
  • Fabric mechanical properties (tensile, Mullen, weight, thickness, stiffness, etc.)
  • Analytical Characterization (DSC, FTIR, SEM)

Roll-to-Roll Lamination

Bondex thermal bonded nonwovens hydrolox hydro-entangled nonwovens lamination capability
  • Adhesive lamination capability on a Nordmeccanica horizontal laminator, rotogravure or semi-flexographic coating system.
  • Maximum coated width of 59” at 400 m/min max speed
  • Ability to produce multi-layer composites, surface coated fabrics with PSA, heat activated coatings, etc.
  • Solvent based integrated mixing or Offline Water based mixes possible. Inorganic or organic coating chemistries.