hydro-entangled nonwovens process spunlace

What are Hydro-entangled Nonwovens?

Hydro-entangling is a process for fiber consolidation through the use of fine, high pressure jets of water. Creating a nonwoven with this method typically begins with carding fiber into a web structure, then passing the web through a series of high pressure water curtains which serve to entangle the fibers and create many fiber-to-fiber intersections. This technology is known for producing nonwovens fabrics with high web uniformity, high strength to weight ratio, lower mean pore size and increased absorption properties. For these reasons, the hydro-entangled nonwovens, sometimes referred to as Spunlace, are commonly found in hygiene applications.

The hydro-entangled nonwoven process at Bondex is unique. Our process is designed to produce heavy weight fabric (up to 18 oz/yd2) from a wide range of fibers, and is specifically designed to produce filtration media for the industrial dust collection applications. We can produce filtration media from Polyester, Aramid, PPS and other commonly used fiber in this market. The Hydrolox® filtration media employs this technology to produce a product family which delivers performance improvements over standard needlefelt used widely in the filtration industry. Hydrolox® HCE is another innovation available from Bondex, which employs the power of hydro-entangling with fine fibers to deliver filtration efficiency comparable to ePTFE laminated felts.   Click here for more information on the Hydrolox® product family.

Properties of hydro-entangled nonwovens bring value in many applications. Bondex invites you to innovate with us to design a product that meets your needs. If you are interested in how this technology can meet your needs, please contact us.