Electrical Substrates

electrical industry insulation applications nonwovens Bondex


composites automotive aerospace petro-chemical industry nonwovens Bondex

Bondex manufacture products used by the electrical industry for insulation applications. Predominately these materials are used in combination with films as insulation composites for motors and transformers. We also manufacture materials suitable for various wire and cable wrap applications.

Bondex manufactures a variety of ambient and high temperature materials used in composites for automotive, aerospace, and the petro-chemical industry.

Filtration and Separation

filtration separation nonwovens Bondex


medical industry nonwovens Bondex

Bondex manufactures products for filtration and separation used in the automotive, chemical processing and water purification industries as well as several other end use applications.

Bondex manufactures various nonwoven products for the medical industry for areas such as wound dressings, medical gauze, and fluid management and containment. FDA and EC compliant grades available.

Business Machine Parts

business machine parts nonwovens Bondex

Home Furnishings

home furnishing nonwovens Bondex

Bondex has been a lead manufacturer of technical cleaning and oiling webs for use in business printers for over 15 years. Our products are used in OEM printers for the leading brands of photocopiers, inkjet printers and high speed digital print presses all over the world.

Many of Bondex products are used in home furnishing applications such as window treatments and blinds. We offer the highest quality for this demanding application and products are available in a variety of materials.