As of September 1, 2018, DuPont announced that E88C was discontinued. Subsequently, DuPont and implemented a change to the value chain of the E88C products whereby DuPont will sell Nomex® fiber as raw materials to two authorized converters which includes Bondex. These authorized converters will need to accomplish two critical steps to produce an alternative to the discontinued DuPont E88C product: 1. Produce spunlace roll goods with Nomex® fiber and 2. Calender roll goods to E88C specifications.

As you may know, DuPont offered Nomex® spunlace materials which were calendered using special calendering technology to produce the product family called E88C, which has been discontinued. The calendering technology DuPont used is critical to the tensile strength and density specifications of the E88C products. This calendering operation remains in full control of DuPont and will continue to operate for DuPont on other product lines and will not be used to calender aramid spunlace materials.

It is important to note that the authorized converters DO NOT have access to the same DuPont calendering technology which was previously used to make DuPont E88C products. It is the responsibility of the authorized converter to develop independent calendering technology which will create products similar to the E88C specifications. Therefore, requalification may be necessary.

Bondex invested in special calendering technology over ten years ago to offer a range of products which includes calendered aramids. Now, as an authorized converter of Nomex® fiber for aramid spunlace customers, Bondex is employing this special calendering technology to produce Bondex B88C which is our recommended alternative to DuPont E88C. Specifically, Bondex is offering two different product styles for each of the three E88C styles as shown in the table below:

While both versions of the B88C are produced to the specifications of DuPont E88C, Bondex is offering two uniformity grades to give customers options to determine which products are fit for use when considering performance and price. To support requalification timelines, Bondex can provide the discontinued DuPont E88C roll goods for a period of time. Please contact Bondex for a quote of the B88C family of calendered Nomex® spunlace materials, and for support of your requalification process if necessary.