Hydrolox® versus Filter Bag Failure Modes

How our innovative filter fabric technology addresses key failures in fabric filter bags

Reliability engineers know that the performance and life of the fabric filter bags in the collectors are key to sustaining plant performance. Bondex improved how filter fabric was produced when the Hydrolox® technology was developed and commercialized. The Hydrolox® technology directly addresses key areas of bag failure and built upon the same fiber technology already proven in the industry.

hydrolox hydro-entangled improves filter bag failure modes

The Hydrolox® technology was designed as an improvement to how filter fabric was made, but employs the same fibers which are proven in the application through needlefelt filter fabric. This ability to produce an improved fabric with the same fiber translates to lower risk of bag mechanical failures in the application, summarized in the table below.


A filter bag’s chemical resistance is driven by the fiber compatibility in the application. Hydrolox® and Hydrolox® HCE are produced using the same PPS, Polyester and Aramid fibers which are proven in their respective applications.


The hydro-entangling technology behind Hydrolox® improves the mechanical stability of the filter media, inherent surface filtration capabilities deliver superior collection efficiency versus the depth filtration characteristics of a typical needlefelt.

Hydrolox® HCE is a replacement for membrane laminated media, eliminating risk of membrane tearing or delamination during installation or in use with ePTFE laminated needlefelt products.


Proper fiber selection is critical when it comes to temperature limitations inside the baghouse. Hydrolox® and Hydrolox® HCE filter media is manufactured using the same fiber technology which is used in needlefelt products and have been proven to meet the temperature requirements in a wide range of applications.

Please call our resources at Bondex to further discuss how Hydrolox® or Hydrolox® HCE can be a solution for your application.