Bondex introduces Nomex® and Kevlar® spunlace fabrics for industrial applications

Trenton, South Carolina, September 4, 2018 – Bondex is proud to announce an expansion in our technical spunlace product line to include Nomex® and Kevlar® spunlace materials for a number of industrial applications. DuPont™ recently announced a refined value chain for Nomex® E88, Nomex® E88C and Kevlar® Z11 fabrics, whereby DuPont™ will sell Nomex® and Kevlar® fiber to Bondex to produce products to these specifications for a wide range of applications.

Bondex has developed unique expertise associated with commercial product lines which utilize Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers in other specialty applications. As part of the technology expansion plan, Bondex invested in specialty high temperature calendering which is required to produce the E88C products.

Bondex is positioned to bring value to this previous DuPont™ customer base by offering superior service levels through a streamlined supply chain. We have developed a line of products which meet the specifications of E88, E88C and Z11 which customers have been purchasing direct from DuPont™, and are in position to serve your commercial needs.

Throughout the markets served by Bondex, innovation has proven to be a key differentiator for our products. Due to the agility demonstrated commercially and technically, we invite customers of DuPont™ spunlace to challenge the Bondex team to develop custom solutions which better fit your needs in these applications.

Interested customers can visit our website for more information, and you are also welcome to contact us directly through the team members listed below.

Brian P. Little
Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing
2 Maxwell Drive, Trenton, SC, 29847, USA
Office: (803) 663-1922 ext. 228
Cell: (706) 833-3283

Reece Walmsley
Vice President, Technical
2 Maxwell Drive, Trenton, SC, 29847, USA
Office: (803) 663-1922 ext. 221

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